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Campaign / Execution Summary

Lidl is the discount supermarket, focused on offering clients best quality products at the best prices – targeting mainly adult people over 35. In March 2016, the company changed the strategy, deciding to rejuvenate the target audience, engaging the young, educated.
This is how, Lidl turned attention to Electric Castle, one of the main musical and cultural phenomena not only in Romania, but in Europe. Lidl started the collaboration with Electric Castle and became the festival’s strategic partner.

Our challenge was to build Lidl’s presence at Electric Castle in a natural manner, a platform that would mix perfectly with the festival’s philosophy - not too much branding, not too many functional aspects about the company.

We created LIDL’S ELECTRIC KINGDOM, A KINGDOM WITHIN THE EXISTING KINGDOM that would offer exactly what people would need during the festival: great experiences, delicious food and super interaction with the brand in a natural way, without being intrusive. We tried to make participants feel like they were the King or Queen of the Castle.

2. ONLINE CONTESTS on Facebook & Instagram:
o THE ROYAL HUNT – a story that users were able to discover step by step, in finding the clues we hid in our Facebook, official site or Instagram already existing posts
o THE ROYAL SHOW OFF - Bring a friend from abroad and win tickets for both of you – let the people discover the beauty of our country.
o THE ROYAL OUTFIT - buy items from Lidl’s Royal Collection and win tickets for 2.
AT THE FESTIVAL, we focused on creating areas and activations that would feel as if they were designed by EC itself.
1. Royal Market (the first Lidl store ever created inside the festival – 650 square meters).
2. Royal Food Court (with ready-to-eat food).
3. Royal Grill (where participants were able to prepare their barbeque).
4. Royal Garden (a fresh bar with fruits salads and natural juices).
5. Royal Wheel – a panoramic Ferris wheel that allowed everyone to enjoy the heights of entertainment (the most instagrammed item during EC). In all areas we had special activations that happened online with an offline component.
Chef Florin Dumitrescu transmitted the Electric Experience online and we did our best in making #ElectricKingdom the most popular hashtag during the festival.

Context / Problem / Opportunity / Insight


Electric Castle is undeniably one of the main musical and cultural phenomena not only in Romania, but in the entire Europe. Lidl, on the other hand, is one of the most appreciated and socially involved retailers in the country. While Electric Castle reached its 5th edition in 2017, the discounter has been around for over 6 years.
In the first years on the local market, Lidl was focused mainly on offering clients best quality products at the best prices – the communication had functional messages, designed to build trust. In March 2016, Lidl changed the strategy and added to its brand promise the surprise element –“You deserve to be surprised”, making a natural switch to the emotional side of the story. In this context, our strategic approach was to rejuvenate the target audience, so we had to engage the young, educated, mid-high level (18-35 y.o.) through a holistic platform. As part of it, Lidl started the collaboration with Electric Castle and became the festival’s strategic partner, a position that never existed before.


Build the Lidl’s presence at Electric Castle in a very natural manner, that would mix and match perfectly with the festival’s philosophy. In other words, not too much branding, no functional aspects about the company, neither too intrusive, nor too low profile.


We did an exhaustive research on the target audience and discovered that THE PEOPLE are educated, mid to high income, working in corporations or creative industries. The people attend the festival not only for the music, but for the holistic experience they can find there, for the joy of partying with their friends, for stepping outside their daily life for a few days and the chance to create one of a kind memories. And they are not big fans of “in your face advertising”. For them, Electric Castle is such an alternative event, with an organic story, where over branding or promotions were not an option.

Target Group

1. Romanian men and women, 18-34 years old, medium and high income, urban;
2. Festival participants;
3. Social media influencers;
4. Lidl employees.


Brand awareness & direct engagement:
• +20% more than our goal: More than 60.000 persons interacted at least once with one of Lidl’s branded areas from Electric Castle festival.

High reach, awareness & buzz

• Online banners: 36.8 million impressions, 5.2 million reach, 352.406 clicks to website (Source: Client Data, 2017).
• Lidl Romania’s Facebook page registered an over 700,000 reach generated by posts featuring Lidl’s Electric Kingdom, with more than 10,000 reactions. (Source: Facebook Insights, 2017)
• YouTube: we reached a total of 25k views,~43% VR (Source: YouTube Analytics). The video included in the campaign is one of the most commented video of all the time (4th place).
• Instagram: (Source: Instagram Insights, 2017)

o Almost 3,000 reactions were generated by Electric Castle posts on Lidl Romania’s Instagram account. Increased no. of user with 10% after the first online contest of the campaign.
o Over 2,000 pictures posted by Instagram users, featuring at least one of the campaign’s hashtags: #lidlelectrickingdom, #electrickingdom, #royalwheel, #royalmarket, #royalgrill, #royalfoodcourt.
o #hashtag performance (#electrickingdom): biggest no. of comments ever generated by a hashtag since Lidl Instagram page was launched; hashtag performance related to likes = entered top 5 most appreciated hashtag ever in Lidl’s Instagram history.

• Lidl Tour included in EC’s campaign communication; in only one week 80% of the available rooms were booked; 70% of the rooms booked online, coming from surprize.lidl.ro/electrickingdom.
• Over 110 Romanian bloggers interacted with the campaign lit by the strategic partnership between Lidl and Electric Castle.(Client Data, 2017)

People involved in our online contests:
• A total of 2.713 people enrolled in our online contests (Facebook & Instagram) (Source: Instagram Insights & Facebook Insights, 2017). And the campaign was extended through Lidl’s employees, too.




Agency/Company: MullenLowe Romania
Entry Case Title: Lidl’s Electric Kingdom
Brand: Lidl
Client: Lidl Discount S.R.L.



Executive Creative Director: Eugen Suman
Senior Copywriter: Simina Zidaru
Senior Art Director: Alina Nechita
Account Director: Adriana Tudoran
Account Manager: Bianca Iancu
BTL Director: Oana Popescu
Account Manager: Mihaela Rotariu
Digital Marketing Manager - Lidl Romania: Alina Tane
Event Project Manager - Lidl Romania: Sorina Flinta
Marketing Manager - Lidl Romania: Oana Radu



PR Agency: Golin

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