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Campaign / Execution Summary

In order to make people be more responsible when going to parties, barbecues or other home gatherings, we crafted this simple but strong execution: THE CART CRASH. We placed in a hypermarket in Bucharest some deformed shopping carts (looking as they had been in a crash accident). Some other ”crashed” carts were left free to be used by the clients of the hypermarket, carrying our message.

Context / Problem / Opportunity / Insight

Golden Brau 0.0% is the non-alcoholic beer positioned as the beer for responsible drivers. A ”don't drink and drive" campaign is something obvious to do, as in Romania about 20% of car crashes are caused by drinking and driving, most of them happening when people leave parties or social events and drive even short distances, after drinking some alcoholic beers.
We faced a big challenge: while Golden Brau 0.0% reports good sales in bars/clubs/restaurants or gas stations, what can we do to boost the sales in hypermarkets?
We created an in-store activation that aimed to act as an awareness-message for shoppers. As hosts they have the responsibility to make their friends have a great time. Therefore they go and fill the cart with food and alcoholic drinks, thinking only about the fun they will have. this was the key moment to determine them to put in their shopping carts a six pack of Golden Brau 0.0%

Target Group 

Being a mainstream beer, the Golden Brau 0.0% target is the same with the target of the hypermarket. We wanted our message to reach as many people as possible, especially the ones who go to the hypermarket to make supplies of food and drinks for home gatherings, parties and other social events.


The online film made over 40,000 online media views & over 900 YouTube views.
The sales of Golden Brau 0.0% doubled in the hypermarket during the activation.



Agency/Company: Geometry Global Bucharest
Entry Case Title: The Cart Crash
Brand: Golden Brau 0.0%
Client: Heineken



Creative Director: Mihai Fetcu
Digital Art Director: Bogdan Dinu
Digital Copywriter: Ioana Ichim
Creative Strategist: Alex Petrescu
Client Service Director: Simona Costea
Account Director: Adriana Staicu
Senior Account Manager: Manuela Fulga
DTP Manager: Dorina Sandu
Production Manager: Ionut Iacobache





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