[Case Study] Next Advertising - Experts / BIZ Days / BIZ Magazine

[Case Study] Next Advertising - Experts / BIZ Days / BIZ Magazine

Biz Days is the most important Romanian event dedicated to excellence in entrepreneurship, CSR and communication. Everyone in marcom knows about it. Other events tried to copy the concept, but failed in delivering the quality. The audience doesn't always see that; from the distance, all events look the same. 

Insight: Romanians tend to consider themselves multi talented. They know everything and they can fix anything. But when it comes to learning something valuable, you shouldn't listen to just anybody.


Campaign Summary

Objective: Remind marcom people that Biz Days is the place to listen to the experts.

Creative idea: You wouldn't read a professional book written by an amateur in that field. Biz Days brings you top lectures by top experts.

Implementation: Series of print ads published in Biz magazine and some outdoor.

Book titles:

  • From Secretary to CEO in 12 Steps. Alina Matei, secretary.
  • Concepts of Heart Surgery. Marin Popescu, baker.
  • Political Ideologies, Today and Tomorrow. Mirela Stanoi, hairstylist.
  • Macroeconomic Predictions. Sergiu Pacuraru, construction supervisor.
  • Offensive Tactics in Football. Andrei Istrate, night doorman.

Bodycopy: Many say they know. Come see the ones who really know. Howard Johnson, November 10-14. Biz Days.


Target Audience

Marcom people, entrepreneurs, students.



As always, many bloggers and people from the industry spread the ads of the Biz Days campaign. The industry experts invited to hold presentations at the event embraced the message, creating videos of themselves ridiculously presenting subjects completely outside their area, as their "expert new skills".




Project title: Experts
Brand: BIZ Days
Client: BIZ Magazine



Agentie: Next Advertising

Liviu David / Creative Director
Paula Ionescu / Copywriter
Bogdan Muresanu / Copywriter
Daniela Trasculescu / Art Director
Vasile Petrescu / Art Director
Andrei Antonescu / Art Director
Teodor Zugravu/  Art Director

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