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Electric Castle, Unofficial Partners / Electric Castle / MullenLowe Romania

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Campaign / Execution Summary


Create a platform that would strengthen Electric Castle’s bond with its audience by solving the Sunday exodus problem.


We decided that the best thing we could do for Electric Castle and for the participants is to transform the usually sad Monday into a free Monday.

Briefly, we challenged companies all over Romania to become the UNOFFICIAL PARTNERS OF THE FESTIVAL AND OFFER THEIR EMPLOYEES THE MONDAY OFF in exchange for the respect and appreciation of their employees and a promotion packaged offered by the Electric Castle.


We created an online guerrilla campaign targeting top managers in order to convince them to join the #electricmonday movement, as we called it.

While many of us are familiar with the concept of sponsors - brands partner with great events for considerable amounts of money, we offered those companies who gave the Monday off to their employees the title of Unofficial Partner. Our key messages highlighted that this is an easy way to motivate and reward the employees, increase their morale and boost the employer brand.

1. Launched online platform (www.unofficialpartners.com
2. The website www.unofficialpartners.com where companies could find information regarding the campaign and get promoted as Unofficial Partners.
3. Then, we created a “union” advocating for the employees ‘rights’ formed of VIPs and well-known bloggers. We convinced a number of 30 online influencers to join in pro bono and become the ambassadors of the campaign. 
4. During the Monday after the festival, all the endorsers and participants have been challenged on the ElectricCastle FBpage to show how they were enjoying their day off, the #electricmonday.



Electric Castle is the first Romanian festival that moved electronic music and live concerts to the open-air premises of a castle, it is a unique, mind blowing experience: 4 days with over 200 artists across 6 stages on a spectacular castle ground.

Ever since its first edition it has been nominated at the European Festival Awards for the „Best medium sized music festival in Romania”.

What is different about Electric Castle from all the other music festivals in Romania is the strong community of fans gathered since its very beginning, people who have developed a deep sense of belonging and are now electric at heart.


As the festival is organized from Thursday to Sunday, at the Banffy Historic Castle in Transylvania, near Cluj, people usually only take two days off (Thursday & Friday) and on Mondays they would return to their jobs/work. This Sunday work exodus from the Castle has been visible in the festival numbers – less participants, a less fun atmosphere and, of course, reduced sales. Monday is generally perceived as a sad day, but after Electric Castle it was almost unbearable – the fun was gone, people were tired and missed being at the festival.


CORE - Potential audience – young Romanians, existing and new festival goers.

SECONDARY – CEOs, HR managers, employees, bloggers, online KOLs and press.


- 1,4 million people (+180% vs KPIs) saw the #electricmonday messages posted online by the KOLs on their Facebook & Instagram pages and on blogs.

More than 180 articles in the online media and 10 media partnerships. 
More than 30.000 views on the campaign video (+50%)

The website had more than 15,000 visitors (+50%) during the campaign.

250 posts in social media from bloggers, KOLs and fans on the #electricmonday hashtag (+150%) 
50 KOLS (stars, bloggers, journalists) (+150%) joined in pro bono either by sharing the festival video or by creating their own videos to support the festival.

In 4 weeks of campaign, 170 companies became Unofficial Partners of Electric Castle (+240%) 
120.000 participants at the 2016 edition.

The campaign generated a series of spontaneous reactions which made it even viral. Two of the bloggers who supported the campaign resonated so much with our idea that they decided to use the “union” kit we sent in the press blitz to advocate the #electricmonday cause in Pipera, the largest business area in Bucharest.

They filmed the entire action and released the video on their social media accounts, generating even more buzz around this topic.



Agency/Company: MullenLowe Romania
Entry Case Title: Electric Castle, Unofficial Partners
Brand: Electric Castle
Client: Electric Castle



Senior Copywriter: Simina Zidaru
Senior Art Director: Alina Nechita
Group Creative Director: Alin Marghidanu
Digital Director: Raluca Duta 
Digital Manager: Thedeea Gherlan 
Director Consumer Division: Ana Trif 
Senior Media Associate: Raluca Manaila 
Copywriter: Maria Naghy
Senior Art Director: Dan Costea
Head Of Communication - Electric Castle: Andrei Vanca



PR Agency: Golin

Golin Romania

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