[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA / Leo Burnett - Stephen The Great / Asociatia Pro Democratia / Asociatia Pro Democratia

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA / Leo Burnett - Stephen The Great / Asociatia Pro Democratia / Asociatia Pro Democratia

In fragile democracies like the ones in Eastern Europe (who came out of communism around 1990), the Presidential Election represents a crucial moment for the future of the country. Especially nowadays, when the political situation in the area is anything but stable.

Two months before the presidential elections in Romania, 67,6% of the population declared it has no intention to vote! Basically, leaving the faith of nation to indifference. Asociatia Pro Democratia -- the most important NGO for human rights -- called us for help.


Campaign Summary

Idea: What if our ancestors didn't show up for the crucial moments in our history?

We based our campaign on the ridiculous excuses people use for not coming to vote, depicting a different course of history, as if Romania would have been conquered by a neighboring power.

We pushed the national pride button in order to wake up the civil spirit of the cynical people of today.

We started the campaign with strong video content placed online and pitched to a few key TV stations for pro-bono broadcasting. The videos showed two of our most beloved kings alone on the battlefield, learning that their brave men didn't show up due to ridiculous excuses - we used actual quotes of contemporary people who decline going to vote.

The videos went viral and almost all Romanian TV stations asked to broadcast them.

We used a guerrilla outdoor approach, changing the names of a few main streets in Bucharest, from Romanian heroes' names to Ottoman rulers' names.

We involved A-lister journalists and online influencers (who also did spoofs of our videos), pitching them the idea, leading to public debates and talk shows based on this topic.

We partner with a famous radio host started and he started talking Turkish, making a point about losing Romanian identity.

On the day of the vote, we prompted people to change their profile on Facebook with the proof of voting -- the stamp.


Target Audience

As voting is an universal right, our target was all Romanians with the right but not the will to vote.

Analyzing the target audience with in depth-interviews and more qualitative research, we discovered that the only time Romanians were proud of their leaders were in the history.

We made the voting relevant for the mentioned target, by making them think what it could have happened if their ancestors didn't show up for the crucial moments in our history, and therefore to which culture Romania would had been annexed?



Facebook global headquarters chose this campaign as the first one ever to represent Romania in their Best Practices showcase;

Almost all Romanian TV channels asked to broadcast the campaign;

We've achieved 18 million impressions - a number as big as almost the entire population of Romania;

We've got a total of 9 hours of broadcasting for the videos (870 insertions) - all earned media and not paid;

Vloggers and other content creators made various spoofs and follow-up videos inspired by our clips (some reached more than 100.000 views on their own)

In the second vote round, one of the two candidates for Presidency shared our video;

But most of all, we helped to overturn the percentage -- 62% of the population showed up and voted!







Project Title: Stephen The Great
Brand: Asociatia Pro Democratia
Client: Asociatia Pro Democratia



Agentie: Leo Burnett

Razvan Capanescu / Chief Creative Officer
Razvan Capanescu  / Copywriter
Cosmin Ezaru  / Art Director
Radu Olteanu / Copywriter
Mugur Patrascu / Digital Strategy Director
Diana Alexa  / Account Director
Victor Stroe / Planning Director
Marian Ionescu / Social Media
Matei Psatta / Social Media Director

Casa de productie: Multimedia Est - Production Company

Andrei Amarfoaie  / Director
Toma Velio / DOP Lighting Cameraman
Ruxandra Stanescu  / Post Production
Maria Zaharia / Editor


Agentie de media: Starcom Mediavest Group

Alexandra Iavorschi  / Group Media Director
Roxana Buha / Group Media Manager


Agentie de PR: MSL Group The Practice 

Oana Bulexa  / PR Director


Premii obtinute la Premiile FIBRA #1:

Silver FIBRA / Stephen The Great / 1.1 VIDEO - TV/ Cinema

Silver FIBRA / Stephen The Great / 4.3 CRAFT - Best Copywriting

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