[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - Kinecto - Visit Bogata / Primaria Bogata / Primaria Bogata

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - Kinecto - Visit Bogata / Primaria Bogata / Primaria Bogata

On March 15th, famous rapper Snoop Dogg managed to mistakenly check in on his Instagram account in Bogata, Mures, Romania, instead of Bogota, Colombia.


Campaign Summary

Idea: Create a promo campaign for the Bogata village - and fast.

Execution: We quickly contacted the local city hall and, in less than 24h, we were up and running with the #visitbogata campaign built around the visitbogata.com website and Facebook page, while also seeding continuously the #visitbogata hashtag in order to gain awareness.



We managed to get hundreds of thousands of earned media impressions by getting featured in the international news on websites and publications such as BBC and USA Today - culminating with Snoop Dogg himself replying to the campaign using the #visitbogata hashtag, promising to come to Romania and visit the real Bogata soon. And this post made him a little bit more famous - it was 100 times more successful than an average post on his page!

Also, our initiative managed to get the tourism going in Bogata -- just 3 days after the event, tourists from Spain visiting Romania decided to make a pit-stop in Bogata, first.


Complete results:

In the first 24h since going live, we had more than 45.000 unique visitors on site. After mentions in the local news and even some TV appearances, we had more than 20 international mentions. Snoop Dogg himself made our day and posted a reply to our message, using the #visitbogata hashtag and making his intention clear to visit Romania soon. Snoop's reply on Facebook had a massive engagement rate, compared to his other posts: over 100k likes, over 3k responses and 6k likes.

This response quickly made the "bogata romania" and "bogata romania snoop dogg" a trending subject on Facebook, with more than 86.000 people talking about #visitbogata on Facebook. Other local independent initiatives emerged: Jazz in the Park Bogata edition, organized by Jazz in the Park Cluj -- a live jazz music event that gathered more than 5000 people in one day, with the goal to raise money for the construction of Bogata's first park.




Case Study


Project title: Visit Bogata
Brand: Primaria Bogata
Client: Primaria Bogata



Agentie: Kinecto

Silvia Marinescu / Creative Strategist 
Andrei Dumitrescu / Art Director


Alexandru Badiu / Senior Developer


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Bronze FIBRA - Visit Bogata / 10.4 PR - Experiential/ Stunts

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