[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - Cohn & Jansen JWT - Red Carpet / BCR / BCR

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - Cohn & Jansen JWT - Red Carpet / BCR / BCR

Campaign Summary

BCR, positioned as the Romanian bank, is the main sponsor of the Gopo Awards, the local Oscars. But, how can the BCR sponsorship outshine all the stars. The red carpet seemed to be the best place for us.

So, we thought that if Romanian movies are different then Hollywood, the red carpet must be different, too. That’s why we commissioned Ms. Antoaneta, a traditional artisan, to reinvent the red carpet by hand weaving a new, traditional, Romanian one.




Case Study 


Project title: Red Carpet
Brand: BCR
Client: BCR



Agentie: Cohn and Jansen JWT

Alex Negoescu / Creative Director
Felicia Stoica / Senior Copywriter
Andrei Cohn / Creative Director & Managing Partner
Arina Stoenica / Account Director
Oana McGinley / Account Executive
Cristi Dobre / BTL & Production Manager
Ion Ludosanu / Art Director
Ina Simion / Client Service Director


Premii obtinute la Premiile FIBRA #1:

Bronze FIBRA - Red Carpet / 10.4 PR - Experiential/ Stunts

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