[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Digital Star - Of Corso Summer Hit / Corso / Macromex

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Digital Star - Of Corso Summer Hit / Corso / Macromex

Ice cream – one of the most disputed and fragmented FMCG categories 

The ice cream market is disputed among 7 main established producers who count for nearly 70% of the total market in terms of value share: Betty Ice, Unilever, Nestle, Alpin 57 Lux, Top Gel, Kubo and Ice DYP. From a consumer standpoint, these producers sell an unbelievable number of 108 different brands, making it a tough choice for any consumer.

Corso, from Macromex - A newcomer to the crowded field

In 2013, the Corso brand entered the ice cream market. With no communication support, only with trade and distribution efforts, Corso grabbed a modest 0,7% in terms of value share by the end of 2013. At that time, it ranked as the 20th brand in the market.

Time for Corso to start talking

In such a fragmented category that lacks true differentiation, we faced 2 challenges:

  • Successfully launch Corso on the Romanian market;
  • Create preference for both consumers and trade partners, thus increasing business;
  • Think like one of them, talk like one of them;
  • Our strategic approach was based on a simple observation about Corso’s main target: as youngsters, they don’t need much to be happy. They are living the best time of their lives, continuously experimenting and exploring. This makes them quick to adopt trends, in search for models.

In fact, adopting a trend seems a must for this generation. They need trends as a form to express themselves, to “be cool”.


Campaign Summary

The first thing we did was forget we were an advertising agency. Traditional advertising was an inefficient proposal with this audience, because it isn’t part of their culture. We had to do something different to gain their attention and admiration. We had to be a trend, not just a brand running an ad campaign.

So instead of thinking advertising, we changed the paradigm and thought music. Instead of running a good TV commercial, we created the next summer music hit. Instead of actors, we relied on some of the most appreciated & trending music celebrities.

We took a bet and won the hearts of “trend followers” by turning Corso into THE POP BRAND OF THE SUMMER.

With Corina & Connect-R, two of the most loved Romanian pop icons, we launched the Of Corso song, a summer hit that was a staple in the teenagers’ YouTube playlists.

The song featured powerful Corso branding that was naturally integrated – starting from the title of the song, the catchy chorus, the storyline centered on the Corso ice creams and the artists both eating Corso ice cream.

The catchy song featuring trendsetting artists took off rapidly and got the kids talking about it as the cool hit of the summer. Our gamble paid off, actually help them feel closer to the artists they admire and acknowledging the brand’s positive effect in this. Of Corso Song.


Target Audience

Teenagers and young adults, 14-29 years old, who love music and follow their favourite artists as role-models and inspirations. They’re always on the hunt for what’s cool and are quick trend adopters.



  • The „Of Corso videos” gathered more than 4 million views on YouTube; 
  • From an unknown brand, Corso leaped to “the coolest” ice-cream on the market, ahead of Joe and Magnum, in terms of brand perception; 
  • Corso became the category leader, the most sold ice-cream brand on the market in just one summer; 


Case Study


Project title: Of Corso Summer Hit
Brand: Corso
Client: Macromex



Agentie: Digital Star

Laurentiu Dumitrescu / Managing Director 
Digital Star Team

Agentie ATL: 23 Communication Ideas

Elena Livinti / Managing Director
23 Communication Ideas Team


Shortlist Premiile FIBRA #1:

Shortlist FIBRA - Of Corso Summer Hit / 1.4 VIDEO - Branded Content & Entertainment

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