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Campaign / Execution Summary

In order to enhance the new URSUS image campaign in digital, we created the first ONLINE 100% LIVE CONTROLLED ESCAPE ROOM. This translated the ATL story in an online challenge: to help a real guy escape his office and meet his friends for beer night. Using point-to-point live broadcast, and their devices built-in microphones and cameras, users were able to enter an exclusive and direct connection to the person in the escape room, and for 5 minutes only, to give him live indications and free him.

URSUS Escape Room was live on our brand website for 14 days, for 8 hours during the week, and 10 hours during the weekends.


We built a real escape room, following a narrative that our consumers could easily relate to: Lucian, our hero, was locked in the office after hours and called upon the Internet to help him find the code that would unlock the door and free him. Throughout the live program, an actor was present in the room, wearing a camera rig and transmitter that fed live video to our website, allowing for a HD subjective angle view of the room.

Because the campaign was 100% live, with no prerecorded footage, it presented users with a provocative mix of digital and analogue: the entire experience was online, but users had to line up and connect one by one to the room, in order to maximize surprise and allow for truly personalized gameplay.


URSUS Escape Room LIVE was the first escape room in the world that employed P2P broadcast technology, which normally entails software download on the user side. To host the entire experience on our website, with no need for extra programs or add-ons, we used clever programming and a communication protocol specific to videoconference systems. For minimum communication delay and to ensure instant response, we borrowed from sports competition broadcast and used satellite transmission.

The greatest challenge of the project was to CHANGE THE BEHAVIOR OF OUR TARGET and persuade them to allow access to their cameras and microphones for a brand, especially in a time of growing concerns around privacy. The framing of the narrative and the promise of a 100% live, challenging experience proved to be a strong incentive towards this goal, as demonstrated by the results of this campaign.

Context / Problem / Opportunity / Insight

In the past years, URSUS has moved from being a mainstream beer brand to the premium sector, thus appealing to a younger, more educated target that looks for other things rather than taste and cost when deciding what products to buy. In this road to premiumization, consistent storytelling has been key. With the last campaigns, URSUS has proven to be a relevant brand for the premium target, by presenting them with entertaining stories and Hollywood-like executions. However, in 2017, we felt the natural need to take things to the next level and move from STORYTELLING to STORYDOING, involving the consumer and creating a more significant bond between the brand and its target.

The URSUS #Inseparabilii campaign launched in April 2017 addressed a very real tension for our consumers: our target spends more time at work at less time with their friends, over a beer. URSUS’ campaign, with the tagline “We leave no one behind”, aimed to inspire groups of friends to strengthen their friendship in the face of adult responsibilities. The campaign TVC featured a group of friends that went to extreme lengths to save a friend stuck at the office after work, by staging a well-orchestrated SWAT intervention and kidnapping him, so that he could join them for beer night.

The digital medium is where our target is present throughout the day. Because of the affordances of the medium, which allows for full interactivity and tailor-made experiences, we set out to involve the target in the story of the TVC by turning the narrative into a game where our target could control every action and become the heroes of the story.

The premium target is less prone to react to prizes and promotions when engaging with brands, so our entire campaign was experience-led and we decided to not use prizes as a communication hook. The game mechanics required users to overcome a powerful barrier and allow access to their cameras and microphones, so the main challenge was to convince them to do this with the only incentive of a memorable experience.

Target Group

Fun Socializers
Men, 25-35, big cities
Young, well-educated, higher income

They reached a level of financial security that allows them to enjoy the small pleasures of life; they developed an appetite for premium brands, they can afford them and image & self-reward is important to them.

They have an active lifestyle and are into going out and having fun- their group of friends is very important to them.


They are in a transition from careless youngsters to full-time adults. They fear that life responsibilities (professional and family-wise) are starting to take a toll - perhaps because of this pressure they end up spending too much time at work (7/10 Romanians work overtime according to a Epson Europe study released in April 2017).


WE GENERATED AN EXTENSIVE ONLINE RESCUE MISSION: 1060 successful rescue operations.

Throughout the 14 days the campaign was live, the stream was PERMANENTLY OCCUPIED BY PLAYERS.

Users form all over the country took to our website to play the game and rescue our character. Users connected from their homes, offices, living rooms and favorite pubs (and sometimes even from their bathrooms) and allowed access to their devices, with no prizes offered as incentive.

Our hero’s call for help was heard by over 115 000 people and 46 984 unique users (+17,4 vs. KPI) visited our website to find out more about his predicament and about how they could help him out. 14 841 users granted us access to their camera and microphone and 27% of them waited in line for up to 10 minutes for a chance to play. (Source: Google Analytics).

Our campaign reached 79.5% of URSUS target, exceeding our expectations by 30,7 %. (Source: Media Agency.) Throughout the campaign, we increased the viewership for our brand mentions by 166% compared to the same timeframe, 3 months before. (Source: ZeList)

Due to the success of the campaign, URSUS launched a real, offline escape room: a 60-minute brand experience that can be visited until the 31s of December.



Agency/Company: Kubis Interactive
Entry Case Title: URSUS Escape Room LIVE
Brand: URSUS
Client: Ursus Breweries



Creative Director: Laura Nedelschi
Copywriter: Ioana Enache
Art Director: Alina Radut
Group Account Director: Cristina Schitco
Account Manager: Stefania Bercu
Account Executive: Florina Simon
Head of Social Media: Ioana Zvac
Social Media Managers: Madalina Ioan & Sebastian Luba
AV Director: Alina Ivan
DOP: Ionut Avadanei
Video Editors: Marian Ciungu & Alice Gheorghiu
Head of Development: Sebastian Popa
Back-End Developer: Cosmin Turcin
Front-End Developers: Alex Ciuraru, Dani Ivan & Tudor Sava
Premium Brands Director: Victor Teiosanu
Brand Manager: Loredana Catana
Brand Manager: Anca Calugaritoiu


Media Agency: Media Investment
Full Service Agency: Graffiti BBDO
Consultancy: The Codex
Video / Photo Production: Blitz Technology


KUBIS is a creative agency led by curiosity. Vigilant and open-minded, we feed our minds with science and our hearts with fiction. We like to go bold, we want to go big, and we like to go first. Our ideas are... vezi detalii »




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