[Premiile FIBRA #1] Gold FIBRA - Geometry Global - The RGB News / Antena 1 / Antena 1

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Gold FIBRA - Geometry Global - The RGB News / Antena 1 / Antena 1


On average, 1 in every 10 Romanians who ends up in a hospital needs blood transfusion. But the blood supply can only cover 66% of the need. No more than 17 people out of 1000 donate blood, leaving the country at the bottom of blood donation ranking in Europe, compared to 68 in Denmark, 55 in Germany or 42 in Hungary. (2012; Source: National Institute for Blood Transfusion).


The ugly truth is that the medical system in Romania isn't prepared to handle blood donations. We compare ourselves with Western countries, but our funds and our resources are scarce. The underlying problem is that blood transfusions are overlooked year by year.

If 100 out of 1000 Romanians donated blood, the current medical system would not be able to collect and distribute it. If nothing changes, the statistics will be just as sad as we've known them for years.


Antena 1, top TV station in Romania, has a record of social campaigns presented during its prime time news program, Observator. These campaigns reflect Antena 1's "Always Close" brand positioning. The main goal behind the social campaigns is to change Romania for the better.

At the end of April 2014, Observator had scheduled a new social campaign for one week only, this time tackling the subject of blood donations. The lowest number of blood donors in Europe and the lack of funds for blood transfusions in Romania were the main issues.


During a one-week social campaign on blood donations, engage and involve Antena 1 televiewers in such a way that it would pressure the Romanian Ministry of Health to have a meaningful reaction.


Campaign Summary


The link between the TV watching experience and blood donations came down to a simple color. The red color became the symbol for blood. Thus, to show the lack of blood, we had to show the lack of red.


The pixels from every video or image are a mix of three base colors -- red, green and blue (RGB). When they are added together in various ways, you will get the broad array of colors. But, from all three, the color that gives energy, pulse, life to the image or video is red. By simply removing the trace of red from a picture, that picture becomes lifeless.

To show how life without blood looks like, we only had to show how we see life without the color red. The red color became the lead actor of the campaign. Or, better said, the lack of red. This Trojan Horse for good could be used on any image or video, live or recorded.


On 28th of April 2014, Observator used for the first time the TV screen as an activation tool. Viewers noticed something on their screen was different. The red component from the screen RGB colors was missing. Andreea Berecleanu, the anchor woman, assured televiewers that nothing was wrong with their TV. That's just how life without blood feels like for thousands of Romanians in need of blood donations.

For one week, during prime time news, the red color was missing from Observator news. "Donate Red" was the main message of the campaign, urging people to give blood.

On Facebook, the color red was removed from profile pictures, the same way as on TV, just by using an app. The first ones to join the cause were Antena 1 celebrities, followed soon after by thousands of Romanians. The same app helped in finding the closest blood donation center.


Target Audience

A whole country, over 15 million adult people as 8 out of 10 Romanians watch TV daily. But, for them, news programs are perceived as generic and distant factual information, most of the times. The drama that is presented on TV is witnessed at home, but leads to no other reaction, because those are stories that happen somewhere, elsewhere. It's not personal.


Big or small, flat screen or LED, the TV is a prized possession for Romanians. It's a landmark in every house.

For Antena 1's Observator, the TV is the perfect Trojan Horse. But a Trojan Horse for good. Using the TV screen, Observator had a way to disrupt the standard experience of watching the news, to invade the personal space of viewers all across Romania.




Within one week, the number of blood donors nationwide increased by 80%.

In Bucharest alone, the daily average of donors was 335, compared to 180-200 before the campaign. In the last day of the campaign, 370 donors gave blood in Bucharest. The increase lasted all through the month of May.


Historic 300% budget increase for blood donations.

The Romanian Health Minister and the Secretary of State were compelled to react. They promised to open more transfusion blood centres and backed it up by opening two more centres (after Fundeni Hospital in October 2014, in January 2015 the second centre was opened at the Emergency University Hospital Bucharest) and signed a historic 300% budget increase for blood donations. Because nobody should die from lack of blood.




Case Study


Project Title: The RGB News
Brand: Antena 1
Client: Antena 1



Agentie: Geometry Global

Mihai Fetcu / Creative Director
Stefan Vasilachi / Head of Art
Sorana Somesan / Copywriter
Florina Alexandru / Art Director
Alex Petrescu / Strategic Planner
Radu Glont New / Business Director
Raluca Berceanu / Senior Digital Account Manager


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