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Why work with an agency like FRIENDS\TBWA Bucharest?

Almost everyone in the business world knows about disruption, talks about disruption or wants to try it, sooner or later. Well, it’s maybe time we pointed out that disruption is, in fact, DisruptionⓇ. That’s right, disruption is a trademark. And as a business concept, it has been postulated and later transformed into a methodology by TBWA and one of its legendary presidents, monsieur Jean-Marie Dru. So search no more, if you’re looking for business results and think disruption is a possible solution.

Because DisruptionⓇ, as a creative approach to marketing, is not only our DNA, but also our process tool to create market value for your company. A Romanian translation of Jean Marie’s latest book here.

Wait, it gets better.
We are really good with brand strategies (long-term value for your company). We’ve created and successfully launched a few, but also helped re-inventing at least a hundred others.

Wait, it gets better:
we simplify a few things.
Contacts. Contracts. Workflow. Emotions. It’s just… magic. 


We keep our promises.
This, again, is very simple to measure (yes, we love measurable results): although we’ve delivered over 15.000 solutions to our clients so far, nobody ever sued us for malpraxis or accused us of missing a deadline. When you sell creative ideas for living, that’s not easy.

We focus.
By approaching virtually every brief with a goal-oriented mindset. “I like to work with you because you understand this has to work, before being beautiful. And then always find a way to make it beautiful”, one client in the FMCG business once said, after a national campaign containing TV, digital, branding and just about a zillion POSMs which we also produced and delivered around the country.

We adapt.
Is it time? Is it quality? Is it price you’re after? We can adjust our process around your needs and re-scale our solutions to accommodate your company’s priorities.

We care for integrity.
We conduct our recruitment process for our 40+ team of creative, strategic, production and digital specialists with an eye on this particular trait, so you will be speaking with trustworthy, reliable and occasionally fun people at all levels, when choosing to work with FRIENDS \ TBWA or another integrated big small agency, just like FRIENDS \ TBWA.

Was that just a tad disruptive?

Some of our partners that can confirm all the above
Henkel – Persil, Perwoll, Pur; Saint-Gobain Rigips Romania, Pepsico - Lay’s, Star, Doritos, Lay’s Baked; Vlad Cazino, Angelini Pharmaceuticals Romania, Unibet, Flanco, Adidas, Asociatia Magic, Alevia, Vincon – Rose Verite; European Drinks, Germina, Wienerberger.

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