[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver & Bronze FIBRA / Publicis / Main Theme / Star Wars & Carrefour / Carrefour

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver & Bronze FIBRA / Publicis / Main Theme / Star Wars & Carrefour / Carrefour

Carrefour, one of the biggest hypermarkets in Romania, decided to launch its first collectibles promotion based on the Star Wars episode 7, the Force Awakens. As it was the most awaited movie of times, the brand race for the Star Wars association had already started for many other retailer and brands. How could we stand out in Star Wars messages related clutter?

The most awaited movie of all times was Star Wars` episode 7, The Force Awakens. The brand race for the Star Wars association had already started for many other retailers.

Knowing that Star Wars is a pop culture symbol, connecting generations since 1977, we wanted to offer Carrefour's core target -- families Carrefour the opportunity to share more of the Star Wars experience together through an innovative approach: bringing the core business -- shopping -- in the Star Wars universe by using one of the most recognizable elements.

The opportunity was the first loyalty program for Carrefour, the biggest initiative to connect and reward our consumers. The advantage was that we leveraged the Star Wars passion to engage consumers and deepen the connection with Carrefour

Our communication objective was to bring the Star Wars engagement, vision and pop culture connection to strengthen and refresh Carrefour image.


Campaign Summary

Star Wars is an iconic movie and most of its elements have become recognizable symbols.

And it's not only about visual symbols, but also about audio ques -- the Star Wars theme is one of the most known compositions in the world.

To announce the arrival of Star Wars in the store, we recreated the main theme using the sounds from elements and products already in the store. The beep that you hear when you scan a product, the sound of the wheels from a shopping cart, the sound of an orange juicer, the sound of products being placed on a shelf, the sound of kids, excited by Star Wars toys, etc.

The visual of this TV spot was represented by these particular actions from where the sounds came from. No matter the age, main theme, even though it was recreated with in-store sounds, was going to be easily recognized.


Target Audience

Men and women of all ages, mostly families, with medium income.

Families in urban areas, who are prices sensitive but look also for quality.




Project Title: Star Wars at Carrefour 
Brand: Star Wars & Carrefour
Clinet: Carrefour


Agentie: Publicis 

Jorg Riommi / Chief Creative Officer
Mihnea Gheorghiu / Group Creative Director
Irina Andreea Stoleru / Senior Art Director
Ruxandra-Ioana Drilea / Copywriter
Alexandra Murray / Client Service Director
Corina Tudor / Account Director
Adina Gruia-Craus / Account Manager
Raluca Iacob / Head of Strategy
Ana-Maria Olaru / Strategic Planner
Camelia Efrimov / AV Producer
Liviu Efrimov / AV Producer

Casa de productie: Saga Film

Razvan Cliza / Producer


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