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Who we are

We are a creative and independent advertising agency that started 21 years ago with one thought in mind: that of succeeding in advertising.

Some might have found it little, but this thought of ours to reach the advertising “planet” turned into a full-grown character, our guide and inspiration throughout our two decades of existence.

You might be wondering who HE is? He is part of us, part of Activ AD, and he’s been with us ever since day one, therefore we lovingly call him Ed.


What we believe in

First of all, we believed that we COULD and we successfully proved it. The world kept changing and so did we, because as we all know nothing ever stays the same. Except the Activ AD spirit to move on writing and rewriting a beautiful success story.

And although we’re constantly catching up on trends, some things have never gone out of fashion and have been part of our story for 21 years: sales-oriented creativity, flexibility, independence, hard work and client dedication.


Why we stood the test of time

Because we also believe in being committed and honest to us and our clients, in telling the truth as it is.

And when it comes to them, we take great pride in our partnerships with: Unilever (Dove, Omo, Rexona, Cif, Dero, Hellmann's), Eti (Dare, Milk Burger, Wanted, Adicto, Petito, Browni), Intersnack (Chio, Nutline), Essilor and Libresse.

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