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The GOOD Company

In good marcomm, there's no idea without implementation, no strategy without tactics, no wow without work. And that's what The Good Company is all about.

Since 2014, we make good things happen around the marcomm industry. Among us, there's over half a century of experience in managing marketing & communication projects from quite a few perspectives. Starting with strategic thinking, going through smart implementation, then (over)reaching the planned results, we get each job done.

But what makes us really, really good, is that we take on every project as if it was our own, from the very first briefing to the very last detail. An oursourced powerhouse for your marcomm plans.

Our services:

Our fuel of choice. Good strategy is at the core of every successful business.Taking on every project as a business of our own, we would feast on strategy any time of day. There's no strategy challenge that we wouldn't get high on. Yet :)

Integrated 360
Our masterplan from the very first days of The Good Gompany was to create a system that caters client needs organically. While every "body part" has a role, making them work together to the higher purpose is what we do best.

Anybody said advertising is dead? Advertising never died, it just grew. And so did we, but our love for it remains the same. There still is nothing more enjoyable than a good advertising campaign, don't you think?

It's the tone that makes the music, they rightfully say. Our PR expertise has proven time again that it's always more than just about what you say, but how you say it. And our job is to convey each message in the right manner, place and time, everytime.

Social media is the brave new world that we all live in. For brands, being social is beyond choice, it's a matter of survival. But why merely survive, when social media brings so many growth opportunities?

The power of creative is beyond debate: it can make you or break brands before you even know it. Training our creative muscle everyday keeps us ahead of our game and ready to tailor the wow to the story of each brand.

Trackable, measurable and optimizable are the three attributes of digital that we love. We channel this love to create digital journeys that make both users and brands happy - with the experience, and the results respectively.


Meet the management team:

Delia Margarit, Managing Partner
Ana Stanel, Managing Partner

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