Romanian Infinit Solutions Agency Brings Savvy High-Tech Skills, Training and Services to ICOM Network

Romanian Infinit Solutions Agency Brings Savvy High-Tech Skills, Training and Services to ICOM Network

ICOM, one of the world’s largest global networks of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies, has named Bucharest-based Infinit Solutions to represent ICOM in Romania.

In the past 11 years since its founding by brothers Alexandru Cernatescu and Andrei Cernatescu, Infinit Solutions Agency has grown to become the largest independent digital agency in Romania, serving both major multinationals and local companies, and one of the fastest growing technology driven groups in Europe.

“Adding Infinit Solutions Agency to our network is an important step in fulfilling our commitment to have the best possible partners in ICOM’s Eastern European zone,” said Christophe Levyfve (ICOM Europe Regional Director-Internal Operations and Owner-CEO, NETCO Group).


Some 18 months ago, ICOM recruited award-winning Artificial Group in Hungary. “That has proven to be an excellent fit,” Levyfve said. “Romania was an obvious next step. We’re now also in talks with agencies in the Czech Republic and Poland.”

After conducting an extensive agency search across Romania, “Infinit stood out for being highly tech-savvy, a much desired expertise, as well as for its flexible yet formalized training process that will ensure that ICOM remains a step ahead of industry changes, which are evolving at breakneck speed,” said Emma Keenan, ICOM Executive Director.

Alexandru Cernatescu, who serves as CEO and Head of Strategy, said ICOM’s philosophy aligns perfectly with Infinit’s but across a broader geography. “That was an important consideration in our decision to join ICOM,” he said.

“We feel that ICOM is about what we do and our values but on a global scale. We think that true victories are gained in teams and nothing great is done alone. That is why we want to share our knowledge with ICOM and also learn from the other members of this family.”

One initiative that Cernatescu is especially eager to share with ICOM agencies is its educational process and program that has been formalized as Infinit Academy and is now a service offering to companies and individuals. The Academy provides keynote speakers and conducts master classes and seminars about digital advertising and marketing.

Alex Cernatescu is a charismatic leader, sought after international speaker and TV guest who shares across European capitals his ideas on thought-provoking subjects he is passionate about, such as futurology, technological disruption, digital advertising and entrepreneurship in the digital age. For his work, he has been honored with the “30 under 30” designation for young disruptors, innovators, and entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine.

His brother Andrei Cernatescu, who serves as COO and Managing Partner, draws on his experience as a professional rugby player to create a team-based environment, one that embraces a philosophy that says: “We attack, defend, win or lose together.”  

Alex attributes the agency’s success in part to its innovative proprietary digital ecosystem-driven approach and philosophy, called Tradigital. “We enjoy creating, building, and maintaining digitally-focused ecosystems that help brands grow and not just generate short term results,” Cernatescu said.

“We maintain a balance between conversion rate optimization and customer experience, which we view as the two sides of a coin, in other words a balance between data driven optimizations and creative leaps of faith for which we rely on our experience and understanding of the audience. And we believe that automation is the key to achieving this pitch-perfect stasis. It takes all of this  - Strategy + Creativity + Technology facilitated by partnerships to get good results,” he explained.


One important technology partnership is with Stefanini, a leading provider of software development methodologies that enables global reach for delivery of digital services.

The agency has an impressive roster of clients, including Arctic and Beko household appliances, BMW, CEC Bank, Grundig consumer electronics, Homelux home improvement retailer, Intersnack (Chio Chips, Nutline, Pom-Bar), and Myflexwork.Com online employment agency among others.

Infinit also handles several multinational clients that other ICOM member agencies work for in their own markets including Suzuki and Unilever.

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