[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - Publicis - Internet of the People - Pegas - Pegas

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - Publicis - Internet of the People - Pegas - Pegas

Back in Communist Romania, Pegas was the coolest city bike. Mainly because it was the only one. We wanted to celebrate its heritage for the youngsters fortunately born after that regime.

National bike brand Pegas lived its first glory days during Romania's communist years, when it was dubbed as „the childhood bike. But it disappeared when the factory wast closed, after the fall of Communist regime.

The brand was only revived in 2012 by a small bike shop at the time, with new models, adapted for these times, but still with a strong cultural link to the past era. In 2014, the client wanted to celebrate their strong heritage, but Communism was not the easiest topic to tackle, especially for the target: urban youngsters, born after the regime's fall in 1990.


Campaign Summary

We created "The Internet of the People". The first website which imagines what the internet would've been like back in communist Romania, the Pegas glory days. The website is an interactive, social-connected content platform, crafted around the world of Pegas in the 70's and the 80'. Each piece of content is a parody of those times, combining old insights with current digital and social media practices.

The design of the site is true to the yearbooks and graphic of that era. The language is also adapted to including the grammar and vocabulary rules of the era. We got people to play "National Anthem Karaoke", and "Applaud the Dictator Live", snitch on fellow comrades on Facebook or use our socialist heroes to send a Valentine's day video. On launch day, we even had to play the role of the dictator's infamously illiterate wife in a lengthy live chat with the Pegas fans.

Here are some examples of Interactive sections, which you can experience for yourself on. Facebook app - Snitch on a Friend: we got people to snitch on a comrade, a notorious Communist practice. With each snitch, more and more people found out about the site.

"Say it with a proletarian hero" - Valentine's day video response campaign, where we used proletarian characters to let people send their love, via Youtube videos. Communist Anthem Karaoke: we transformed the former Communist anthem into a quirky karaoke contest. Received with great enthusiasm by good singers, but especially bad ones.

Applaud the Dictator's Speech: button smash game where the only purpose is to applaud Ceausescu's speech. Vintage Pegas sections leading to the actual Pegas bikes website. Vintage Pegas banners leading to discounted purchase on the Pegas bikes webshop.

Chat With the Dictator's wife: live response campaign, on launch day. We actually sat and answered live to hundreds of questions, using Elena Ceausescu's notorious horrible Romanian grammar and illiterate views. Easter eggs leading to discounted accessories on the Pegas bikes webshop.


Target Audience

18 to 25 year old, urban people, heavy internet and social users.



- 23% increase of the Pegas Facebook fanbase
- 323k euro earned media
- declared "the first site of its kind" and "digital nostalgia awesomeness" by Apropo TV, the - -- leading advertising show in Romania.
- helped winter bike collection sell-out
- Ceausescu would've been proud of it

The site was instantly featured in online magazines, blogs and prime-time TV, and triggered massive brand-love:

- 10000 new page likes in one week
- 4 million impressions
- 940k urban population reached, (That's half of Bucharest, the main market.)
- and free media worth 345k euro / 265K euro

And, although it was December, it helped Pegas sell-out the remaining bike stock and have pre-orders for 23% of their next year's collection.




Case Study


Project title: Internet of the People
Brand: Pegas
Client: Pegas



Agentie: Publicis

Razvan Capanescu/  Chief Creative Officer
Dan Frinculescu / Group Creative Director
Dan Frinculescu / Main Copywriter
Mihai Costache / Copywriter
Ciprian Frunzeanu / Designer
Filip Letinu / Illustrator
Constantin Bunica / Programmers
Calin Buzea / Head of Digital
Elis Frunzeanu Iaia / Senior Digital Planner
Catalin Paduretu / Art Director


Premii obtinute la Premiile FIBRA #1:

Silver FIBRA - Internet of the People - 4.3 CRAFT - Best Copywriting

Shortlist FIBRA - Internet of the People - 4.1 CRAFT - Best Art Direction

Shortlist FIBRA - Internet of the People - 5.1 DIGITAL - Web

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