[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Ogilvy Romania - Where's Mr. Applehead? / Strongbow / Heineken

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Ogilvy Romania - Where's Mr. Applehead? / Strongbow / Heineken

In 2015, when Strongbow entered Romania, apple cider was new on the market. Thus, we needed to not only communicate our product, but also make people understand it. Our target consisted of urban millennials, defined by a "seize the moment" philosophy of social connectivity.

As they grew up in a technology and mostly online world, their clear preference is for engaging experiences. And this is what we had to offer them to fully get their attention. When speaking to millennials, traditional advertising strategies are ineffective. So, we decided to let our target experience cider's fabrication process on their favourite playground - Instagram.


Campaign Summary

Where's Mr. Applehead? was the first interactive Instagram campaign in Romania. An illustrated journey into the world of cider. Partnering with internationally acclaimed artist Saddo, we created a system of 7 complex maps, designed to fit Instagram's grid system, to show the entire process of cider making, step by step, from orchard to glass. Each map was displayed on a different Instagram account, with the journey starting on Instagram. Finding Mr Applehead within the illustrations would take you from one map to the other using all major Instagram features like tagging, commenting and direct messaging.



In only one month, our campaign generated impressive results: 716.000 organic reach, 5.2% engagement rate, 1.600 followers, placing us in the first 3 Strongbow Instagram accounts worldwide.



Case Study


Project title: Where's Mr. Applehead?
Brand: Strongbow
Client: Heineken



Agentie: Ogilvy Romania

Albert Nica / Executive Creative Director
Dani Macarie / Creative Director
Silvia Gradinaru / Senora Copywriter
Alexandra Bunda / Copywriter
Vlad Ionita / Art Director
Alina Bolfos / Senior Account Manager
Maria Tarmure / Digital Account Manager
Alexandra Caciur / Digital Strategist
Stefan Chiritescu / Head of Planning
Saddo /Illustrator
Monica Dudau / Social media coordinator
Claudia Agafitei / PR Director


Shortlist Premiile FIBRA #1:

Shortlist FIBRA - Where's Mr. Applehead? / 4.2 CRAFT - Best Illustration

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